NRHP Nomination Form: Dillingham Transportation Building
DOE Form: Dillingham Transportation Building
NPS Acceptance Letter
DOE Form: West O'ahu Christian Church/former American Security Bank (round plan)
DOE Form: Honouliuli Stream Bridge
HAER: HI-99 Honouliuli Stream Bridge
NRHP Nomination Form: Hono`uli`uli Stream Bridge
HAER Addendum
DOE Form: Lum-Terahira Three-Story Apartments
DOE Form: Tanaka-Ishihara House
DOE Form: Waikele Stream Bridge Eastbound Span and Bridge over OR&L Spur
HAER: HI-100 Waikele Canal Bridge and Highway Overpass (Waikele Stream Bridge and OR&L Bridge)
NRHP Nomination Form: Waikele Canal Bridge and Highway Overpass
DOE Form: Ohara and Okahara Two-Story Apartments
DOE Form: Codera-Carvalho Two-Story Apartments/Waipahu Hale
DOE Form: Waipahu Hawaii Stake, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
DOE Form: Watercress of Hawaii
DOE Form: Waiawa Stream Bridge 1932 (Westbound Lanes)
HAER: HI-101 Waiawa Stream Bridge 1932 (Westbound Lanes)
NRHP Nomination Form: Waiawa Bridge
DOE Form: Waiawa Separation Bridge
DOE Form: Waimalu Stream Bridge
HAER: HI-115 Waimalu Stream Bridge
DOE Form: Waimalu Shopping Center
DOE Form: Waiawa Stream Bridge 1952 (Eastbound Lanes)
DOE Form: Waiawa Booster Pump Station
DOE Form: Kalauao Spring Bridge
HAER: HI116 Kalauao Spring Bridge
DOE Form: Kalauao Stream Bridge
HAER: HI-117 Kalauao Stream Bridge
DOE Form: Forty Niner Saimin
DOE Form: Ala Moana Building
DOE Form: Akiona House (Quonset)
DOE Form: `Aiea Cemetery/Honolulu Plantation Cemetery
NRHP Nomination Form: United States Naval Base Pearl Harbor National Historic Landmark
DOE Form: Bombproof Switch Station (Facility B-6)
DOE Form: Richardson Recreation Center Pool Complex (Swimming Pool – Facility S-21; Recreation Facility – Facility 1; Bath House/Locker Room – Facility 2; Handball Court – Facility S-20)
NRHP Nomination Form: Pearl Harbor
DOE Form: Kamehameha Highway Bridge over Halawa Stream (Mauka Span)
NRHP Nomination Form: CINCPAC Headquarters/Headquarters, Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet National Historic Landmark
DOE Form: Commander-in-Chief Pacific Fleet (CINCPACFLT) Headquarters - Facility 250
DOE Form: Fuel Oil Pump-out Pump House (Facility S-386)
DOE Form: Makalapa Navy Housing
DOE Form: Ossipoff's Aloha Chapel, SMART Clinic, and Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (Facility 1514)
DOE Form: Little Makalapa Navy Housing
DOE Form: Navy WWII Splinterproof Shelter (Facility S-51)
DOE Form: Rehab Center/Former Navy Fire Station (Facility 199)
DOE Form: Hawai`i Employers Council
DOE Form: Foremost Dairy
DOE Form: Lava Rock Curbs
DOE Form: Pu`uhale Market
DOE Form: Afuso House
DOE Form: Higa Four-plex
DOE Form: Teixeira House
DOE Form: Pang Craftsman-Style House
DOE Form: Duarte House
DOE Form: Boulevard Saimin
DOE Form: True Kamani Trees
DOE Form: Kapalama Canal Bridge
DOE Form: Institute for Human Services/Tamura Building
DOE Form: Tong Fat Co.
DOE Form: Wood Tenement Buildings behind Tong Fat Co.
DOE Form: O`ahu Railway and Land Co. Terminal Building
DOE Form: O`ahu Railway and Land Co. Office and Document Storage Building
NRHP Nomination Form: O`ahu Railway and Land Co. Depot and Document Storage Building
DOE Form: Former Filling Station on OR&L Property
DOE Form: O`ahu Railway and Land Co. Basalt Paving Blocks
DOE Form: Nu`uanu Stream Bridge
DOE Form: Chinatown Historic District
NRHP Nomination Form: Chinatown Historical District
DOE Form: Harbor Retaining Wall of Coral Blocks from Honolulu Fort
DOE Form: Walter Murray Gibson Building/Honolulu Police Station
NRHP Nomination Form: Merchant Street Historic District
DOE Form: DOT Harbors Division
DOE Form: Walker Park
DOE Form: Irwin Park
NRHP Nomination Form: Irwin Memorial Park
DOE Form: Aloha Tower
NRHP Nomination Form: Aloha Tower
DOE Form: HECO Downtown Plant and Leslie A. Hicks Building
DOE Form: Attorney General's Office/Hale `Auhau
NRHP Nomination Form: Hawai`i Capital Historic District
DOE Form: Department of Transportation
DOE Form: Royal Brewery/Honolulu Brewing & Malting Co.
NRHP Nomination Form: Royal Brewery
DOE Form: [Old] Kaka`ako Fire Station
NRHP Nomination Form: Fire Stations of O`ahu
DOE Form: Mother Waldron Playground
Hawaii State Register Listing Form: Mother Waldron Playground
NRHP Nomination Form: Mother Waldron Playground
DOE Form: Fuji Sake Brewing Co.
Ching Market and House
DOE Form: American Savings Bank/Liberty Bank - Queen-Ward Branch
DOE Form: Pacific Development Office Building
DOE Form: HECO Waiau Plant
DOE Form: Nishi Service
DOE Form: 10 Courtyard Houses
DOE Form: Pier 10/11
DOE Form: Kamaka Ukuele
DOE Form: Hawaiian Life Building
DOE Form: Gaspro Store
DOE Form: Six Quonset Huts
DOE Form: Sumida Watercress Farm